Sunday, June 16, 2019

Reasons Of Current Events Jerks Bosses Politics

By Edward Olson

From pharmaceutical representatives to insults of world leaders and others, childish and boorish behaviors have become more prevalent in society over the last decade. In fact, it often feels as if the world is full of jerks in the business and political sector which are behaving badly more than ever before in history. In an effort to explain why, Bob Stafford of Stanford University has taken on these and other issues related to Current Events Jerks Bosses Politics in a recently released Forbes magazine article and interview.

Sutton has now published two books on the topic of assholes and is now considered an expert on the topic. For, the first book published by business professor, the No Asshole Rule quickly became a best seller. Whereas, the new publication The Asshole Survival Guide hopes to see the same success, though these are only a few of accomplishments credited to the professor.

In marketing the release, Bob provided an in-depth interview to Jessica Pressler of New York Magazine. The interview includes tricks from treating the nastiness from those rambling on with such negativity to keep from getting under the skin of individuals. Although, one of the most useful sections of the book might very well be the question as to why now is there such a plethora of assholes in society whether in places of power or otherwise.

The first aspect of the answer relates to President Trump and all aspects of politics in America. While diplomatic in tone, Sutton notes that there appears to be an epidemic of nastiness in the White House. Whereas, the author goes on to define the term asshole as being anyone who would leave others feeling demeaned, de-energized and disrespected while admittedly suggesting that a number of U. S. Citizens believe the president fits into this category, self included.

When it comes politics, Sutton currently sees the topic as nothing more than people calling other people assholes. An issue which Sutton sees as creating much of the nastiness currently going on in the world. For, as the professor states, nastiness spawns nastiness while nicer behaviors often go unnoticed.

Inequality is another area in which Sutton feels is responsible for the current attitude in America. For, the massive economic gap between those whom have and those whom do not promote a larger imbalance of wealth and power. For, as envy goes up, disdain often goes down.

When it comes to technology, like with all aspects of life, there are pros and cons. For, the anonymity of online interaction has the power to turn people, even those whom have been friends for years into vicious trolls. Whereas, research has also shown that new advances in technology has increased the asshole problem. In large part, due to the fact that people are more likely to mean when having no eye contact.

In all cases, only when people can learn to be respectful and kind to one another rather than assholes will the country begin to change for the better. Whereas, people in power really need to take a look in the mirror for while some may think these current actions and dialogue are beneficial, most are not. For, the nastiness is continuing to spread into the general population, thus effecting not only the reputation of the citizenry but the country at large.

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