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Here Is Information On Taxotere Hair Loss

By Carolyn Meyer

When talking about hair loss, what comes to the minds of most people is the loss of hairs on the head. What most people do not realize is that this condition can happen in any part of the body or even on the entire body in some cases. There are several reasons that can lead to this medical condition and some are discussed in this article. Here are facts regarding Taxotere Hair Loss.

Losing hairs on the body is not a condition that happens to specific people only. Everyone is at risk of experiencing this problem. Even though it can happen anywhere, this condition is commonly occurs on the head. Some people are usually ashamed of lost hairs on their head and will use makeup, hairstyles, scarves, and hats to try and hide the conditions.

On the contrary, some people see no shame in having the condition. Thus, they let it run its course, without seeking treatment or hiding it. Most people who do this are those who affected due to hereditary factors. However, one is advised to discuss with a doctor the cause of the condition if they decide to treat or hide it. The best treatment option for the problem can be prescribed by a doctor.

Losing hairs on the body and head can occur is various different ways. The cause that leasd to this condition will determine how it will happen. This problem could happen almost instantaneously or gradually where it takes many years to show. Hairs may be lost permanently or only temporary for some time before re-growing.

Hair loss is categorized based on the mode of occurrence. The most common type of the condition is gradual thinning. Here, the condition happens on top of the head. Both men and women are affected by the condition as they become older. The condition starts to occur at the hairline at the forehead and as the hairline recedes, it forms a letter M. Formation of letter M in the hairline occurs in men only.

Patchy or circular bald spots make the second kind of balding where people get smooth spots that are the size of a coin. This kind of hair loss commonly occurs in the scalp, but it may sometimes extend to the eyebrows and beards. In rare cases, it happens on the body where it causes the skin to be itchy or painful as hairs fall out.

When one experiences emotional shock, it is possible for their hairs to loosen up and fall off. Hairs fall off when one is combing their head. The hairs on the head thin in overall as opposed to forming patches. Certain medications and treatments such as chemotherapy can also cause sudden full-body loss of hairs. Ringworms can also cause patches over the scalp with hairs becoming broken.

If one notices any of the symptoms and effects named above, they should take quick steps to see a doctor. Some losses are caused by serious underlying medical conditions that need to be treated fast enough. Treatment is of this problem is usually provided depending on what is causing it.

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