Friday, January 11, 2019

The Importance Of Hiring King County Criminal Defense Attorneys

By Walter Kennedy

Every year, law enforcement agencies make thousands of arrests. Only a fraction of these arrests involve hardened career criminals. The vast majority of those arrested are ordinary people that would describe themselves as law abiding citizens. People nevertheless do foolish things. They drive when they had one too many, they allow their emotions to rule their actions and they take chances that they should not have. Whatever the circumstances, when arrested it is vital to hire King County criminal defense attorneys.

Police officers have to have very good reason to believe that a person is committing or has committed a crime before they make an arrest. They have to follow many rules in the process. They have to inform the accused of his rights and they have to honor those rights. They must be treated as innocent until a court actually finds different. They must also be given the opportunity to contact their lawyers.

One of the fundamental rights of every accused is to remain silent. It is all too easy to say something incriminating when still in a state of anxiety after being arrested. Once said, it cannot be undone. It is definitely best to wait until the lawyer is present. Contrary to what some people think, refusing to make a statement is not automatically seen as a sign of guilt.

Once the attorney accepts the case he will ascertain the facts of the case and review the charges against his client. He will make sure that the arrest was done in strict accordance with the rules. The next step is to then ask the court to release his client on bail. In most cases bail is routinely granted but the accused will have to post surety with the court before he will be released.

Bail is granted in the majority of cases, but there are always strict conditions for the release of the accused. He may not meddle in the investigation or contact potential witnesses. In many cases he has to report to a police station on a regular basis and he may even have to hand over his passport until after his case. Adherence to these conditions is very important.

When lawyers prepare defenses, they have to have all the facts available to them, even if they are unsavory. If his clients lie or twist the truth, they are harming their own cases. Lawyers have been known to drop cases when they are humiliated in court because their clients were untruthful. The relationship between the lawyer and his client is strictly confidential.

Nobody can say with confidence that they will never have to face charges. That is why it might be an excellent idea to purchase insurance specially designed to cover the cost of legal fees during emergencies, especially when facing charges. The cost of a criminal case can quickly become very high and few people can afford to pay for a long court case.

Defending oneself should never even be a consideration. The legal system is complex and there are numerous dangerous pitfalls. Mistakes can prove to be catastrophic, leading to a conviction and a life long criminal record. Competent legal representation is truly the only option when facing charges.

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