Friday, January 4, 2019

Reasons Your Petition For Name Change Publication Los Angeles May Be Declined

By Ruth Thomas

United States laws allow you to choose any name you feel comfortable with. While people pick nicknames and aliases, you cannot use these names on official documents. You are required to apply to have your names changed. However, petition for name change publication Los Angeles can be declined. Experts have provided the reasons why the court or registration office may decline your request.

The right procedure must be followed during application. Each case is different because the reasons and requirements will differ. An example is a divorce where you are required to provide the decree. In case you are changing after marriage, the marriage certificate will be pivotal. Consult an expert to know the procedure and requirements based on the uniqueness of your case.

Having a criminal record raises suspicion on why you want the changes of your identity. The court requires you have obtained clearance from these cases. The Department of Justice will object because it is difficult to trace and hold you accountable. With a different identity, it will be easier to escape the crimes you have committed.

Changing your identity with the intention of committing misadventure or fraud will cause the request to be declined. This happens to persons who have a criminal or fraud history. It causes the judge to raise objections to the application. Once your identity changes, you are likely to continue with the fraudulent scheme. Even the criminal justice system may object to any changes to protect the populace.

Changing identify in order to cause confusion will attract disapproval. Such cases arise when an applicant wants to take the name of a popular professional or celebrity. The argument is that you want to ride on the fame or high professional regard of the person who is already popular. People will find it difficult to differentiate the two people working in the same industry and bearing a similar name. While you hold the right to take any name, such a scenario will be avoided by all means.

Unresolved marital and child support issues will delay and even stop you from getting approval. A change of identity means that a partner seeking child support will not trace you. The court has a responsibility of ensuring that you meet your marital and spousal support obligations. Your partner may not have any objection to your application if you are providing support as required.

Debts and pending obligations will affect any changes you want to make on your identity. If you have defaulted on debts or are on the run, the application will receive objection. Creditors and banks or any other institution must find it easy to track you. You will have to obtain clearance before any approval is made.

Approval of name change only happens when there is no objection. This is why you are required to publish the request on national media so that anyone with an objection can raise it. You must provide all documents required to proof previous identity. Once the official change is made on Social Security Administration, you are at liberty to make alternations in banks, credit cards and other areas necessary.

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