Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hot Toys Wonder Woman For Kids And Kids Alike

By Nancy Harris

This is the time of the year when a lot of individuals are exchanging gifts or giving one with their loved ones. For children, toys is a common gift that is given, but toys can be given to kids at heart as well, like those toy collectors. Right now, one company has just released a new figure, the Hot Toys Wonder Woman.

Some of you might have already known about the company as they are a famous place to go to when it comes to toys. Justice league fans right now are probably jumping up and down in excitement because of the new addition that Hot Toys just recently launched. If you are a fan, then you might wanna buy it right away before they run out of stocks.

When you see the figure with your own eyes, you would be amazed as to how much the item resembles the hero very well. Just with the hair, it would seem very real. It is as if the doll would come into life in any minute. This doll is a sixth scale figure, which is a pretty decent size for such.

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest world super hero. This legendary princess is an Amazonian force. The company is delighted to present this figure as their special release for their Justice League collection. Before this was release, the company have already hinted to the fans about their new upcoming item.

The face you will see for the doll is from the performing artist of who as of late depicted the hero which is Gal Gadot. This highlights a genuine hair texture so it would look near the genuine individual. The tiara, scarfs, and the silver stars is featured obviously.

Aside from her battle suit, this also comes with some weapons and accessories. For the weapons what you would get is the engraved sword, the shield, bracelet of submission, and the lasso of truth. For all the collectors out there, this would surely be a great addition to your DC Comics collection.

What you will get. The box should include the doll of course with nine different hand types. The hand is interchangeable so you may still replace them with it gets broken. Another set of costume is provided as well, the combat one. Then weapons such as the gold rope, silver bracelet, sword, and some bullet sparkling effect in different sizes. A name place is there as well.

When you have already decided to get one for yourself, you have two options for that, either buy this on their store or buy it online. For online buying, just go to their website online. Find it there then put it in your cart which is found on the right side. Then you are done, just wait for it to be delivered in your door step.

The arrival of it will vary upon where the item should be shipped. But commonly, this arrives after three business days or five which is the maximum. By the way, the price for this is 243 dollars. Yes, this might be quite on the expensive side but lets admit it, the quality is pretty great and it is in fact a collectors item.

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