Saturday, January 12, 2019

Expert Witness Wrongful Termination Orange County

By Raymond Burns

Wrongful dismissal from your workplace is a painful experience that can leave you broke and hopeless over a long time. The dismissal is worse if you did nothing wrong only to find a termination letter awaiting you on the desk. However, such unfairness by employers is not supported by the law, and legal measures can be taken to help you get reinstated back or get compensated for damages. To have a strong case against such employers in the labor court finding an expert witness wrongful termination Orange County is a must.

First, understand that whoever will stand there to testify on how wrong it was for your employers to dismiss you must be reliable. Whatever will come from him or her will be used in forming facts on the case. Therefore, engage a person that you are confident with, and he or she understands the nature of such termination.

Lawyers representing an employer does a background check on the witness, and if they find some painful truth, it will be hard for your witnesses to say anything. As such, you have to go through their social, financial and family to ensure they have no threatening scandals. As such, no one will discredit them in a bid to shut them up at the witness stand.

Another importance of engaging the lawyers on a selection process is their ability to determine whether the candidates are capable of handling the tasks ahead. Their participation will build confidence among the selected team and help in coaching them on steps to take while on the stand. Moreover, the witnesses will not feel intimidated knowing that people who coached them are there to defend them when being torn apart.

Where do you start looking for these experts in a hurry? Paid witnesses are not a new thing in the legal industry. Also, you can rely on your fellow employees who are not loyal to the employee and have an understanding of what took place. Whatever category you decide to use, ensure that proper training on facts about the employer is done. A wrong answer will make the whole exercise invalid.

A few hours training must take place before they finally stand on the bench. This will give the advocates an opportunity to streamline the facts that will be laid on the table during the hearing. If the available witnesses are not catching up, you can resort to lawyers that are willing to support your bid. A rehearsal must be done days before the actual hearing starts to build confidence in the witnesses.

Suing your employers is an expensive process that will need finances before the matter is presented at the courts. The advocates will want a down payment, and the courts might demand a certain sum as security before they proceed. Do not worry about this especially if your termination was because most law firms will be willing to take it for free. However, agree on their percentage when the compensation is given to avoid exploitation.

Everyone has a right to a fair dismissal from a job, but when the employers decide to throw you out unfairly, you can hit back on them by suing. However, your compensation dream might not see the light of the day if you have no witnesses. The above tips will assist you in selecting a competent witness.

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