Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Top Rated Tyrrell County NC Criminal Attorney Explains What To Do When Arrested

By Mark Anderson

One may feel helpless the instance he or she is arrested. However, the steps you take after being arrested could play a major role in determining the ultimate outcome of your case. The first thing you should do when in such a situation is to find out the reasons behind your arrest. You may also need to rely on the expertise of a seasoned Tyrrell County NC criminal attorney to help you begin working on getting released.

The seriousness of the reasons behind your arrest would determine what you should do once you are in police custody. In any case, you have a right to know why the authorities have you under their custody. You should also find out from them whether there are pending charges that you face. If they claim that you have to be booked, then shut up and wait to get arraigned in court.

The arraignment will happen before the actual trial. After being arraigned in court, the magistrate will read out your charges and inform you whether you can post bail or not. If you are able to raise the bail amount, you will be freed temporarily. Between this time and your date of trial, you must attend court hearings without excuse. The bail money could be lost if you miss a hearing and this would also lead to an arrest warrant being issued.

In case serious charges are made against you, you may not be offered a chance to post bail. This means that you would be jailed until the trial. Even though there is nothing much a lawyer can do in some situations, it is in most cases possible to plead with the courts to release you on favorable bail terms.

Having a seasoned attorney fighting for your rights and best interests will be important. Ideally, the specialist should be there to provide counsel and proper defense by the time you are arraigned in court. It is not wise to represent yourself, especially if you are being accused of a felony. Bear in mind that such charges attract lengthy jail time as well as huge fines.

There are prime reasons why you must not underestimate the need to hire a lawyer. A competent criminal law specialist can assist in negotiating plea deals. The majorities of criminal cases can be resolved through plea bargaining with the prosecutors. A skilled attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to have multiple charges dismissed in exchange for a guilty plea to one or less serious charges.

A proficient lawyer can have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. This will help to save you from paying a hefty fine or serving years in jail. Because every case is unique, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible for the attorney to try and save the situation before things turn from bad to worse.

Another reason why you may need a lawyer is for you to get assistance with modifying sentencing programs. For example, you can commit to joining a compulsory treatment program if domestic violence charges that are allied to being an alcoholic are made against you. Attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the justice systems and they can in addition offer you wise and comforting counsel.

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